What I Do Well…

As someone who is more comfortable focusing on what I need to improve, I force myself to go the other direction and think about what I do well. Focusing on my strengths is the main antidote for being too hard on myself. Here is my list, and believe me, it’s not easy to always give myself credit, but still I do and the more I write these lists, the easier it becomes to focus on my talents and let go of the darkness and negativity swirling within.

In so specific order, for today, here is what I do well:

1) Being the best mother I could be with the tools I possessed
2) Working through a 40+ year marriage with love, humor and a short memory
3) Learning to let go
4) Making a great cup of coffee
5) Teaching my students
6) Writing
7) Being a good mom to a furry child, Emma
8)Drinking lots of water every day
9) Minimizing my gossiping
10) Listening more and talking less
11) Choosing not to give advice even when I want to
12) Typing. My father told me when I was in middle school that taking a typing class would be essential. He was right.
13) Learning to enjoy food a little more
14) Playing with my grandchildren…being a hands-on Nana
15) A loyal and loving friend
16) Kind
17) Acceptance of things as they are rather than how I want them to be
18)Enjoying my own company more and more
19) Being a lifelong reader
20) A wonderful sister to my brother and sister-in-law
21) A great organizer
22) Very responsible
23) Giving of my time and patience
24)I was a dedicated and loving daughter
25)Making people feel better

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