What I Do Well

I am really the last one to toot my own horn, so when I was told to write a list entitled: “Things I Do Well,” the activity certainly did not come easily or naturally. At the time, I was told to list only five things. Most of the time, as we grow, we focus on what we are doing wrong or the many mistakes we have made. Such an exercise helps to change this narrative and after writing the list every day, it is surprising how much easier it is to come up with items. I thought I would share a compilation of a few of my lists with you, my readers. While I do not write these lists daily any more, I write them when I am feeling particularly vulnerable and in need of some inner strength. These lists always help to center myself and is a great reminder about my strengths.

Things I am good at:

1 Making a good cup of rich, dark coffee
2 Not involving myself in other people’s business (for the most part)
3 Listening when someone is talking to me
4 Writing (this took a long time to own, by the way!)
5 Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day
6 Being a loving grandmother
7 Trying my best as a parent
8 Writing my truth
9 Not holding grudges
10 Enjoying the best chocolate malt balls ever
11 Reading in the afternoon
12 Swimming my laps every day
13 Driving safely
14 Not talking on the phone during dinner
15 Walking every day with my dog Emma
16 Having a lot of patience
17 Taking better care of myself
18 Thinking about my own needs more than I used to
19 Staying in touch with friends
20 Saying I am sorry

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